ATS Resume Common Mistakes To Avoid

In the previous article, we discussed what is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) resume and how can you make one.

In this article, we will discuss the common mistakes one makes while making an ATS resume.

Making ATS resume can be a little tricky, so making mistakes is normal. And we are here to back you up with all kinds of information you need to make an ATS resume.

Why is this article important for you?

Imagine a scenario where you believe this work is the one for you and hit the submit button happily, waiting for the company to respond to your resume which seems never-ending.

We also understand the annoyance of feeling like you are submitting your resume to nothing.

It’s like no one will even read it and it remains unopened among the other multiple unopened mails.

So what’s the catch?

Maybe making your resume so perfect that one cannot resist it? Maybe writing a catchy subject line or catchy document name? Or.. maybe writing your ATS resume error-free?!

Best Any ATS Test

Typical Errors while writing an ATS resume

Here are some typical errors in a resume which even the most eligible applicants would endure:

· Typos

This is particularly important while submitting ATS. Just as effective as programs are to track applicants and their credentials, they cannot document misspelled resume keywords, and they won’t be able to identify you.

· Say no to fancy formatting

Fronts, graphics, or tables in your curriculum vitae might be convincing visually, but ATS has no eye. Save those to meetings in person, such as work fairs and interviews. The trick is, the easier the better when it comes to ATS.

· Don’t use fancy vocabulary

In the ATS resume, don’t seek to please Recruiting Managers with your fancy vocabulary. Optimize the ATS Resume by writing accurately while retaining the language of the industry. A human can understand what you are talking about, but ATS runs the risk of the synonym not being compiled the way it is. Complying with the terms and keywords in the job description will improve your odds of matching.

· No short form

Most ATS (iCIMS, Bullhorn, and Greenhouse included), can not be trained to identify abbreviations like MBA, B.TECH, and BCA. The applicants should use a lengthy keyword like the master of business, bachelor of technology, bachelor of computer application. No worries! This can be quickly remedied. Enter the keyword, then use the common abbreviation in a bracket.

· Avoid tables

Some ATS, like Jobvite, have trouble examining tables for details. Parts of tables may jumble or details may be totally lost. It is a smart idea to skip tables. You know that they will not influence the chances of the recruiting manager noticing your resume.

· No fancy bullet points

I recommend that you select the right way to organize regular bullets. I always have job seekers wondering whether bullet points are all right for an ATS resume. Standard bullet points are also a perfect way of arranging your ATS resume material. The untraditional bullet points such as stars, diamonds, and checkboxes are not always properly scanned. The quick remedy? To prevent complications, use the classic old black dot bullet points. These standard bullet points for an ATS-optimized description are fantastic.

· No fancy fonts

You want the attached resume to stand out, I understand, but it goes against you if you are using a special font. From our experiments, Times New Roman and Arial were found to be the most accurate to pass ATS. It is also suitable for Cambria, Georgia, Calibri, and Verdana. Font size is not so relevant, however, we recommend that the resume should look professional when the resume lands within the hands of the hiring manager with a 10 or 12 point font.

· Date Formatting

Some of the more popular ATS, like Jobvite and Taleo, interpret dates in the MM / YYYY format more precisely. Most ATS will accept the January 2011 format as well. Always use the month and year for example. It can only be confusing with just writing the year. For eg, the ATS iCIMS assigns any working experience automatically the start date of 1 January if the month not mentioned.

· Word spacing

ATS ‘keywords are strict. A few of the leading ATS, including Bullhorn and Greenhouse, won’t even recognize multi-words if words are divided by additional spaces. For eg, ‘product selling’ is recognized as a full ability but ‘product selling’ is not recognised because the terms have an extra space. The solution is straightforward: double and triple checks before sending your spacing, particularly among multi-words.

· File Name

A file name like RickVermaFlipkat.docx is cool unless it is mistakenly sent to Amazon. Some ATS, such as the USAJobs and Greenhouse, include the file name in their portals, which means Rick Verma’s recruitment manager is not so satisfied. While many ATS have avoided making the name of the file available, some ATS still do. It is a common idea to save any file with your first and last name for professionalism (for example, rickverma.docx).

Hence, these are the top mistakes you must avoid while framing your ATS Resume.

Again the only hack to clear ATS is keyword optimization along with showing the impact (facts & figures) rather than stories.




An enthusiastic learner on a mission to fill the education gap in terms of guiding students on how to use LinkedIn for jobs & prepare for off-campus interviews.

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Jatin Srivastava

An enthusiastic learner on a mission to fill the education gap in terms of guiding students on how to use LinkedIn for jobs & prepare for off-campus interviews.