How to score a good ATS Resume Score

ATS Resume Introduction

The resume is one of the most important parts of applying for a job. Your resume should be perfect to get attention from the interviewer.

Let us go through the importance of making a resume in the first place:

· A resume describes your skills and expertise

· Shows why are you so special to be hired

· Helps to get the employer's attention

· Can get you a job

What makes up a perfect resume?

Resume filled with proper details?


Personalize to the company, and accurate to your job position?

Over the past few years, everything has been changing. Don’t you think the format/style of the resume should also be updated with the updating world?

Ancient technique to evaluate resumes?

You see when you apply to a company, there are thousands of other people applying with you at the same time.

You also must know that recruiters don’t have time to check every resume. Out of those thousand people, many people are there whose skills are not related to the job role.

Earlier, the interviewer used to go through each and every resume personally to filter out the ones who are not eligible in terms of skills.

Pretty time-consuming isn’t it?

To save time & improve overall efficiency companies are opting for the ATS system to filter out irrelevant resumes.

What is an ATS resume?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software system used by employers to monitor the resume of job applicants.

All the applications are collected, scanned, and ranked by this method.

The larger corporations with a huge number of job applicants were in need of a similar system so, ATS was introduced. You can see it in the numbers: 75% of big businesses use an ATS because every day it gets thousands of applications. However, today businesses of all sizes use ATS (more than 98% of leading companies) use ATS.

Still confused about how ATS works or how does it help employers?

1. Using ATS for businesses is very productive:

The process decreases the stream of applications to save time and money. The online structure keeps items structured instead of passing through sheets of paper.

2. The process is therefore non-discriminatory so that variables like age, gender, and ethnicity are not taken into consideration. Machines don’t have feelings to be partial.

How does this work?

· The device first produces a job posting for the business.

· This posting is then circulated on business blogs, work boards, forums for recruiting.

· When a submission is made, it is scanned by the device.

· The ATS splits the curriculum vitae into the multiple CV sections: job experience, schooling, qualifications, languages, certifications, etc.

· It scans to see whether you fit the job description with those keywords or credentials.

How to beat ATS Test:

Watch the video to get detailed knowledge regarding how to get a good score in the ATS test.

Here is a quick tip:

  1. Keyword Optimization

You must include keywords in your resume w.r.t the listed job responsibilities

2. Facts & Figures

Instead of showcasing your knowledge in long stories, summarize it with how this put a strong impact on the organizational goal

You think you are a champ!

Stay tuned, in the next article I will write on top mistakes while making ATS resume.

Top ATS Mistakes:



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