Keep Calm and Job Hunt

  1. Get yourself busy job search should not be the only thing you are doing take a chill pill via an outing
  2. Regular exercise can make you physically well
  3. Meditation/Yoga to make your mind ready to accept defeat learn from it and kept going.
  4. Take the help of a career consultant
  1. Build A LinkedIn & Naukri Profile
  2. Pick companies of interest and create job alerts
  3. Customize your Resume & LinkedIn Profile w.r.t Job Description
  4. Outreach employees + HR’s of dream companies via LinkedIn
LinkedIn for jobs
  1. Cold Calls
  2. Convincing Skills
  3. Negotiation skills
  4. Email Marketing



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Jatin Srivastava

Jatin Srivastava


An enthusiastic learner on a mission to fill the education gap in terms of guiding students on how to use LinkedIn for jobs & prepare for off-campus interviews.