LinkedIn 7 Days Workshop Online

Do you think the rising unemployment is concerning for you or perhaps, someone you know? Then stay tuned as we have the “Perfect Solution For Unemployment” in our LinkedIn Off-campus 7 Days Workshop.

Top Questions

What would this workshop cover?

Who will benefit the most out if it?

Is it really important for you?

You’ll find that out in this article.

Let’s read out the perfect solution to counter the problem of unemployment.

This is a 7-days workshop where you will learn about:

1. Career Guidance

2. LinkedIn focused profile optimization

3. Connection game

4. Social Selling

5. 100% guaranteed HR interview call

6. Thousands of jobs on LinkedIn

7. Basic automation hacks

Each day we will cover one topic. So which days are important for you to attend, we will answer that as well?

Who is our target audience?

· Entrepreneur

· Professionals

· Students

· Sales professionals

What’s there for you if you are:

· Entrepreneurs and freelancer:- Generate inbound leads/ get clients, let the investors find you, builds your authority and credibility, Build a strong PR organically

· Professionals:- Let companies discover you for jobs, get freelance gigs/make passive money, stand out from others, get invited for speaking events.

· Students and job seekers:- strong networking, get replies from top professionals, receive freelancing/part time job opportunities, land international job opportunities.

Which days are important for you?

Day 1:- Carer Guidance -> Students & job seekers

Day 2:- Entrepreneur & freelancer, Students & job seekers

Day 3:- Entrepreneur & freelancer, Students & job seekers

Day 4:- Entrepreneur & freelancer

Day 5:- Students & job seekers

Day 6:- Students & job seekers

Day 7:- Entrepreneur & freelancer, Students & job seekers

Day 7, will be updated soon.

Learn more about the workshop here:

An enthusiastic learner on a mission to fill the education gap in terms of guiding students on how to use LinkedIn for jobs & prepare for off-campus interviews.