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LinkedIn For Students & Job Seekers:

LinkedIn can be complicated and boring as a college student. It is not surprising to find university students who have either built a profile but don’t know how to use the network or are not present on the platform. Indeed, the network is still recognized by just 46 percent of millennials. Yes, once you know it, you can understand that you are only part of a tiny group. I‘m confident I’ll alleviate some confusion surrounding LinkedIn by further knowing why LinkedIn should be a prerequisite for college students and graduates, and how you can connect with LinkedIn.

How is LinkedIn different from other social media apps?

LinkedIn could be more special than any other social network. While Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and others have continued to widen their own niches over the years in order to reach a much broader user base while this specialized networking platform has remained fundamentally true to its mission, connecting B2B professionals and a platform through which recruiting and applying for jobs has been possible since its launch in 2002.

The USP of LinkedIn can be a powerful forum for various categories of students to have choices that are not supported by other social networks or web networks. So you need to understand the basic thing:- being on Insta, FB, etc is not as same as being on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is for you to connect to people professionally.

What role does LinkedIn play in Student’s Recruitment?

First, let’s look at some stats:

These figures indicate, while the college and graduate population may sound small, it is currently greater than you would have expected. Now I know that you think, “Ok, what the big thing is? “What we know is here:

· It is the world’s fastest-growing source of quality jobs.

So what’s the point? What do these facts show?

It indicates that recruiters and recruitment managers invest tremendously on the LinkedIn network to attract and to grow talent. In addition, LinkedIn actively partners with businesses to develop innovative entry-level positions and internships for students and graduates in higher education. But you see, LinkedIn will work to help you pursue your perfect job (or your ideal career at least). You can see the difference if you spend a few minutes per day to stick around with LinkedIn.

How are potential students reacting differently on LinkedIn than a normal user?

According to research by LinkedIn, potential students in this category browse through twice as many LinkedIn websites as the average user, and 88 percent of the recruiters rated LinkedIn as the best social network to find high-quality customers in this category.

What kind of users are attracted to LinkedIn?

Users who are inspired, objective-oriented attitude tend to get attracted to LinkedIn. In short, a candidate who works on LinkedIn is focused on improving themselves, which can be a very positive sign if you want to improve your overall lead quality. In order to support this, LinkedIn has also provided its own data that its users have a ‘grit score’ — a measurement of determination and persistence — compared with the average individual.

So how are you going to use LinkedIn for jobs?

We discussed the importance, and the number of users and recruiters present of LinkedIn but how do you stand out? How do you make your profile attractive to others? How you search for the right job with the right method?

We know LinkedIn is a huge platform with high competition so getting a job by simply browsing through the website is next to impossible. You need to be trained on how to make the best out of this perfect app. Now the problem with our education system is that they’ll teach you all the theoretical stuff but when you go and explore the outside world, you see you’re not the only one fighting for a position. Colleges or universities will never teach you how to get a job off-campus and on-campus jobs are only for the lucky ones. So we at teach and train you through Webinars and sessions:

  1. LinkedIn for Jobs & Internships

Idea is to fill the education gap with the knowledge of the outside world of high competition when it comes to getting jobs & internships.

An enthusiastic learner on a mission to fill the education gap in terms of guiding students on how to use LinkedIn for jobs & prepare for off-campus interviews.