LinkedIn Off-campus 7 Days Workshop Vs. Udemy 30 Minutes LinkedIn workshop

LinkedIn is the most powerful and useful networking platform for everyone who wants to work. The fundamentals of this platform will be presented in the courses mentioned below.

We are going to compare the two LinkedIn learning courses in this article to let you figure out the best.

Both of these courses are based on learning about the basics of LinkedIn.

First, let us understand the need to learn the basics of LinkedIn?

Well, if you see a big disparity in demand and supply makes the HR interview tough to get through the next round. Just 2 percent of the candidates receive the interview call as per the research by Workopolis.

Fewer work opportunities and the growing number of candidates create a shortage where even Ph.D. applicants apply for clerical jobs.

You can read further and find the right solution if you are brooding over related issues. Moreover, a number of young people feel perplexed about the future. We noticed that LinkedIn and the code for cracking off-campus interviews, according to our tools, is the most efficient way for solving the unemployment issue.

These are the stats we collected:-

A. 690M+ professional profiles on LinkedIn

B. 30M+ companies active on LinkedIn

C. 90% of recruiters prefer hiring via LinkedIn

D. 3M+ C-level executives on LinkedIn

E. B2B Sales 80% More Effective

Coming to the course comparison:-

We will start with the “learn basics of LinkedIn in just 30 minutes” course from Udemy and will gradually compare it with the LinkedIn off-campus 7 days workshop by Rock Grow.

What has Udemy to offer?

ho is this course for?

This course does not require any prerequisite knowledge and is for complete beginners. There is a different course for intermediate learning.

ow many hours do you have to dedicate to this?

You will complete the full course they are providing in just 30 minutes. You will learn about LinkedIn settings, how to personalize your profile, and find a group that suits you the best.

ow much do you have to pay for these 30 minutes?

Rs. 1280

ow long can you access the material after purchasing?

Its lifetime access with downloadable resources.

hat will you learn by the end of this course?

At the end of the course, students will have a basic understanding of this powerful business network platform. They will have mastered the basic principles within the platform and be able to set up a profile that sets them apart from others.

What has LinkedIn Off-campus 7 days workshop by Rock Grow has to offer?

ho is this course for?

An entrepreneur who wishes to generate leads on LinkedIn, a job seeker who wishes to get jobs & internships, a freelancer who wishes to generate leads for your niche, a student who wishes for some career guidance & internships.

ow many hours do you have to dedicate to this?

7 days; 1 hour each. They promise to provide a one-stop solution to all your needs, which could be in the form of Jobs & Internships, Career Guidance, or Social Selling.

hat will you learn on individual days?

Day 1:- Career Guidance

Day 2:- AI-enabled LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Day 3:- Automatic Connection Game

Day 4:- Social Selling

Day 5:- 100% guaranteed HR Interview Call

Day 6:- Find thousands of Jobs on LinkedIn

Day 7:- Basic Automation Hacks

ow much do you have to pay for all of this?

It’s free! All you have to do is apply the coupon code “COVIDFREE”.

ow long can you access the course?

You can access this course for a lifetime. You can also download the LinkedIn 5 day workshop.

hat will you learn by the end of this course?

LinkedIn Automation Hacks, AI-enabled LinkedIn profile analysis, get Email ID & Phone Number of recruiters to contact them, send 100s of messages & connection request automatically, perform Unlimited searches via Free sales navigator alternate

There is another LinkedIn workshop online by RockGrow called The LinkedIn Pro workshop which is an extended part of The Basic workshop.

Let’s learn about LinkedIn Pro Workshop:-

hat will you learn more other than the basic workshop content?

You will get all the content existing in the basic workshop + updated content

hat are the perks of the pro workshop over the basic workshop?

Ø Advanced automation hacks

Ø Free LinkedIn Premium & Sales Navigator

Ø Social Media Automation (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora and others)

Ø Free PPT downloads, worksheet, case studies, certificates

Ø Email & Chat Support

Ø Social Selling Complete Course to generate unlimited leads

ow long can you access the pro workshop?

You can officially access for 14 days but we have a trick to get your lifetime access.

hat do you have to pay for this?

Rs. 499, soon will be 1499.

ee, you there at the workshop, Register now:

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