Top Mistakes in Cover Letter For Jobs


Cover letters though they are not essential or important in every other industry or for every position, but experienced job seekers will still be ready to go with a cover letter.

Many firms may ask for cover letters from applicants before applying, in particular, if they submit through an online application system.

  1. Showing knowledge about Companies Business Model
  2. Listing your Skillset w.r.t required responsibilities
  3. X Factor in deciding your candidature

So what are the common mistakes one makes while writing a cover letter?

1. Basic typing and grammatical errors

Typos can be really fatal. When there is a mistake or grammatical error, the reader either assumes you have been ‘too distracted’ or lazy in checking your work, or either not be interested in this work enough to be sincere about applying. Or worst, they’re going to think you really can’t spell.

2. Lengthy

Recruiters and hiring managers nowadays have little time to read the resume and cover letter of an applicant. So stick to one page. And because people today have no patience and resources to read a cover letter in its entirety, it is advised to write in bite-based format or bullet points.

3. Addressing letter to a real person

Try to locate the recruiter name on the job post. Else, use “Dear Hiring Manager” while addressing your cover letter.

4. Forgetting to replace a company name or job title

Instead of repeating the cover letters from scratch every time you apply to a different company, to save time, you might find that you are replacing words, addresses, and titles from the same old cover letter. But make sure you do this very carefully. This is an immense turn-off to your boss if you neglect to substitute the name or work description of your business.

Cover Letter that speaks about you!

5. Make it personalized

I’d recommend you make a personalized cover letter from scratch every time you apply for a company if you really want a job badly. Making a personalized cover letter will also include personalized information about the company you’re applying for, which will create a nice impact on the recruiter.

6. Overconfidence

Don’t be too overconfident and boast about your talent and experiences in your cover letter. Just write everything on the basis of facts and achievements, keeping the tone professional and down to earth.

7. Don’t talk about the past

Candidates must concentrate on the present. The employer needs momentarily up-to-date details. It is not relevant why you have been laid off or why you have left your previous company. Keep your cover letter focused on the Job Description & your skills.

8. Save references for your resume

The cover letter is not a place where you can mention who thinks you are recommendable. These names/ people might be very important for you, but these are obscure entities for the recruiter.

9. Tell them something that’s not on your resume

It is obvious that if you have submitted your resume to your recruiter, then he or she might have looked at your resume so there is no point in repeating the same information in the cover letter itself.

10. Common mistakes while writing a resume?

Ok, we covered the cover letter, but what about the resume? Do we make mistakes while writing our resume as well? Of Course, we do! So stay tuned for our next article which will focus on the common mistakes we do while writing a resume.

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