Unemployment Trends May Get Worse?

Filling the gap in the education sector

Do you know?

· 80% of engineers are not employable

· 50000 MBA and engineers lack employability skills

· 90% coders lack logical understanding skills

· 1.9% is the rate at which unemployment increasing

What do these figures mean and why is it so huge?

· More than 80% of engineers in India are unemployed because of a lack of technical know-how required for a job.

A study says that only 3.84% of engineers in the country have the scientific, cognitive, and linguistic expertise essential to work for software-related work.

In the thriving sectors of artificial intelligence, computer learning, data science, and moving growth, only 3 percent of engineers have new technical skills.

· At least 40% of MBA students are unavailable to recruiters because they are not positioned within the top 100 campuses.

Another fascinating finding from the study suggests that up to 60% of students do not get to a worthwhile job as they do not have the required practical skills.

Amid the lack of technical and practical knowledge in their profession, a study found that at least 50% of students have lost their key positions, including those in economics, marketing, and HR.

· A study added that, if the current work situation persists, the youth unemployment rate in Indian will increase by 32%. This may have a negative effect not only on the economy but also on the ethical standards of the rising young working population in India.

What else might the reason if you’re skilled enough?

Ø Lack of applying skills

Ø Lack of confidence

Ø Lack of knowledge of the biggest professional platform i.e. LinkedIn

Ø Lack of knowledge about creating documents like resume

How can Rock Grow help you deal with the above situation?

Rock Grow has various services focuses on the solution to unemployment and the answer to “Why am I not getting the job even if I am qualified?

Following are the services:-

A Beginner's Guide To LinkedIn

LinkedIn sits at the throne made of networking and career. With over 690 million users & 30 million companies, the question is how I make a Professional LinkedIn Profile to leverage its power to get my dream Job & Career Guidance from experts.

Learn More: http://rockgrow.com/jobs-careers/a-beginners-guide-to-linkedin/

Employee Referrals

A recent survey of Glassdoor & Naukri says 45% of candidates get hired via Employee Referral. Post building the powerful LinkedIn profile let’s learn how to build relevant networks to earn employee referrals for Jobs & Internships.

Learn More: http://rockgrow.com/jobs-careers/employee-referrals/

Industry Trends

Having knowledge about different industries helps in better Job | Professional Grooming & Improved Value Proposition. Let’s leverage this webinar to stay updated with trending industries for a better career ahead.

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Generating leads for Corporate Clients

It’s 2020 and If you still following the traditional 1990s cold outreach methods, then you will never grow. LinkedIn astonishing stats 80% B2B buyers use LinkedIn for lead generation, 40 Million users have Decision making authority, LinkedIn generates 3X better conversion.

Learn More: https://rockgrow.com/generate-leads-on-linkedin-for-your-business/

Ultimate Interview Guide- Part 1

With 250+ candidates applying for a single vacancy we promise your interview call by teaching how to use the knowledge of — companies’ business model, and the job responsibilities for the post that you are applying for.

Learn More: http://rockgrow.com/jobs-careers/ultimate-interview-guide-part-1/

Ultimate Interview Guide- Part 2

Multiple ways of applying for jobs often leave everyone perplexed. In this section let’s explore the modes to apply for a job then let’s book a webinar to discuss the best mode to get a 100% HR interview call.

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Ultimate Interview Guide- Part 3

An application is the first impression that you make on a recruiter. Building the same is easy once you understand the technicalities that go into making an application that recruiters cannot refuse. Let’s book a webinar to learn how to build an impressive Cover Letter | ATS resume & Formal Email.

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7 Days Workshop

The unemployment rate in India rose from 7.2% to 23.5%, out of 1000 of job applicants only 2% candidates receive interview call, emerging graduates lacks employability skills. If you find yourself brooding over similar problems, then you should sign-up for Off-Campus LinkedIn 7 Days Workshop.

Learn More: https://rockgrow.com/linkedin-off-campus-workshop/

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An enthusiastic learner on a mission to fill the education gap in terms of guiding students on how to use LinkedIn for jobs & prepare for off-campus interviews.