What is Cover Letter & How to make Cover Letter?


Imagine a scenario where you almost thought you got the job, everything was perfect- the interview, the test everything went flawless but wait the interviewer did not select you? Damn.. why is that? Maybe someone who was competing you submitted a cover letter as well along with a resume in the interview process.

Oh, wait what is a cover letter? I will discuss that in this article itself!

What is a cover letter?

People say a cover letter is generally a short version of your resume, but I beg to differ. In my opinion, a cover letter means the document which shows your knowledge about the company’s business model, the job role you are applying for, and the responsibilities you will take after you are selected.

You must be thinking this is so complicated and time taking! But don’t worry writing a cover letter is not hard as you think it is.

What to put in a cover letter?

Start the cover letter by introducing yourself:-

You can start by referring the cover letter to the respected authority and then thanking them for the opportunity. After that introduce yourself in such a way that why you are relevant to the job role you are applying for.

Your knowledge about the company:-

Search about the company’s business model properly from trusted sources and then put it in your cover letter. Mention something you know about the company that makes the recruiter confident to hire you that this person knows about the company, knows about the job role they are applying for and they have spent pretty much time and effort while building a cover letter for the company.

Show the recruiter you are skilled enough to work for the position applied for:-

Analyze the job responsibilities and the skills required to get selected for the position. Afterward, match the skill set you have with the skill set required and then accordingly write in the cover letter about the skills you have which matches the position you applied for. Don’t write unnecessary skills thus making the cover letter lengthy.

End with a call to action:-

You can include any call to action available on the internet or you can make your personal call to action. You can also include your email address and contact number.

Easy, right? But despite that people make mistakes while writing a cover letter. There are few typical mistakes like not making the letter personalized to the company, typos, etc.

Top Mistakes while writing a cover letter: https://medium.com/@rockgrow/top-mistakes-in-cover-letter-for-jobs-190d63d37280

Learn how to crack Off-campus Job Interviews: https://rockgrow.com/jobs-careers/ultimate-interview-guide-part-1/

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