Why HRs are not responding post-interview call

Why do HRs rarely respond post Interview?

You had a fantastic interview for your dream job. Your answers were spot-on, you have had contact with the interviewer and the evaluation has been progressing well but you have not heard back from the hiring manager. As disappointing as it can be, this happens quite often.

There are also legitimate reasons that an employer does not follow you up after an interview.

While several reasons for not getting an answer from the HR are because of the HR reasons. But it is surprising to know that the HR might not give a follow-up message for business reasons as well.

Let’s go through the common reasons why an HR might not respond after an interview:-

1. HRs not qualified to give you proper feedback

Sometimes HRs are not qualified to give you feedback so try not to take it personally. Few companies cannot afford experienced HRs so those hire HR with basic degrees to take interviews so they are not properly eligible to give you feedback on your interview.

2. You were not qualified and still applied

In situations where you don’t match the need of the job role in terms of degree, experience, skillset, etc. and you still applied in a fluke, HRs might not revert you. The main reason can be the ATS system of scanning the resume. In this method, a machine scans your resume and checks if you have the necessary qualifications. If you are qualified, your resume is passed on to HR and if you are not qualified your resume will simply be dumped.

3. You are on hold

There are situations where there are multiple candidates who are qualified for a single position. So sometimes hiring managers take time to decide who to hire and hence they don’t revert.

4. Hired via internal job posting hence all external candidates rejected

Big companies usually try to hire employees internally either through reference or through promotions. They post the job requirement in external platforms as well as internal platforms but if they get a sufficient response from the internal job posting; they tend to reject the external applications.

5. Post no longer needed

Sometimes a post you applied for is removed. The reason can be either they outsourced the work to some other company or someone inside the company took the job responsibility in their job role. There can be more reasons as well.

6. Can be something more

Apart from the above points, there can be more reasons why HR did not follow up after an interview. It can be a personal reason as well as a company reason. Do let us know if you came across a reason why an HR did not follow you up!

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