Yes, you heard it right.

Companies are preferring candidates who are fully vaccinated against the Covid19 to join them.

Covid19 Virus

IT Companies still have the option for WFH but Manufacturing Industries have made it mandatory for staff to be fully vaccinated.

Companies themselves are taking the initiative of Vaccination drives for…

Preparing for a job hunt?

Get ready for some good and bad days.

How to be ready for those bad days?

  1. Get yourself busy job search should not be the only thing you are doing take a chill pill via an outing
  2. Regular exercise can make you physically well
  3. Meditation/Yoga…

Things that can ruin your interview


It is always important to know that an interview is where you only talk about professional things, stay ground to earth and stay positive about everything you speak. But some people often make mistakes while giving an interview.

Whether a hiring manager feels like you’re fit for the job depends…

Filling the gap in the education sector

Do you know?

· 80% of engineers are not employable

· 50000 MBA and engineers lack employability skills

· 90% coders lack logical understanding skills

· 1.9% is the rate at which unemployment increasing

What do these figures mean and why is it so huge?

· More than 80% of engineers in India are unemployed because of a lack of technical know-how required for…

Why do HRs rarely respond post Interview?

You had a fantastic interview for your dream job. Your answers were spot-on, you have had contact with the interviewer and the evaluation has been progressing well but you have not heard back from the hiring manager. As disappointing as it can be, this happens quite often.

There are also…

Do you think the rising unemployment is concerning for you or perhaps, someone you know? Then stay tuned as we have the “Perfect Solution For Unemployment” in our LinkedIn Off-campus 7 Days Workshop.

Top Questions

What would this workshop cover?

Who will benefit the most out if it?

Is it…

How I promoted myself on social media platforms

It’s been a while since I have been promoting myself on various social media websites. When you’re in business by yourself or searching for a career, the thought of selling yourself may not sound like something that worries you. But it’s a talent everybody has to learn. Understand the basics…

ATS Resume Introduction

The resume is one of the most important parts of applying for a job. Your resume should be perfect to get attention from the interviewer.

Let us go through the importance of making a resume in the first place:

· A resume describes your skills and expertise

· Shows why…

Jatin Srivastava

An enthusiastic learner on a mission to fill the education gap in terms of guiding students on how to use LinkedIn for jobs & prepare for off-campus interviews.

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